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About ME


He lives in USA for 14 years and drives a truck for 7 years. In the time when the driver is sleeping people are chatting about everything and nothing. What can be said about our driver? He’s not the shy type for sure, because it takes a lot of guts to stream to the whole wide world 24/7 and show people how you work and live on the road. He’s a very cheerful person with a lot of positive energy which also gets into the viewers. In his spare time he devotes himself to paragliding, skiing, meeting friends and of course to dance, which is one of his passions.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
At the beginning of the broadcast only on skype to show Family & friends in Poland I look united states and my work. Later I found that it is not a bad idea to show a wider audience. That’s how it was started. Thanks to the ”riders” with me, do not be so bored on the road and not fall asleep behind the wheel :)
I Do not reveal this information. Always add a pinch of mystery flavor ;) And I’m 34 years old.
Yes, I have a girlfriend – Ciunia. We’ve been together two years
That’s right not too much. I learned it on the spot, by talking with the people of the states.
At present there. Truck is my home, but I have a lot of friends in the U.S. and sometimes using their hospitality :)
I went to the embassy in Warsaw and asked for a tourist visa. But I did not plan to stay here. “Holidays” to me a little prolonged.
Freightliner Columbia, born in 2007, Detroit engine, 13 speed transmission.
The maximum permissible weight of up to 40 tonnes and with such charges ridden.
No restrictions. The entire United are open and waiting for exploration. It all depends on the boss.
You do not extinguish the engine. It works 24/7 even when refueling or sleeping in the cabin. Due to the size of the cabin European solutions do not work. Webasto fuel burn comparable to what the engine running at idle. In addition, the U.S. is a custom outdoor lighting even leaving the parking lot, except that we give 24/7, so the laptop needs power. :)
I never know where I’m going, I do not plan the next day, I live the moment. I never know how many hours I will go and when eaten the next break. I never know how many hours I sleep. When the next tour and I will go so far as loading it I’ll never know. I have learned this at the last minute.
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